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Work in Poland

Work in Poland is an inexhaustible stream of opportunities: to receive a decent payment for your work, to see a new state, and also, perhaps, to connect your new happy life with Poland.

All job applicants in Poland are offered a huge job market, which can be relevant for representatives of many professions, as well as for those who do not have it. Globally, all jobs should be divided into - permanent and seasonal. Among seasonal vacancies, people without specialty can find work for themselves, after all, work is often a gathering / planting of vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. The salary in this segment is about 500 euros per month.


Constant vacancies in Poland for Belarusians are a field for applicants with knowledge and work experience, however, the payment here is corresponding - starting from 700 euros per month. The most popular among vacancies are: builders (welders, fixtures, painters, concrete workers, etc.), specialists (turners, carpenters, locksmiths, etc.) as well as workers for production and drivers. Business analysts, top managers, programmers can count on maximum payment.